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How Do I Vote?

  1. Register to vote by clicking the link below and completing the registration form for your region by November 27, 11:59pm.

  2. You will receive a voting ballot via email at the beginning of the voting period, on December 1st.

  3. You must complete and click "Submit" on the bottom of the ballot by the end of the voting period, December 15th,  for your submission to be included in the official voting results.

Voter Eligibility

To be eligible to vote in an election for Council Membership, a person must meet the following requirements:

  1. be at least eighteen (18) years of age;

  2. be a Jamaican or of Jamaican Heritage; and

  3. reside within the respective region for which the respective elections are being held.

Voter Registration

The Electoral Committee shall register voters using the prescribed form (“Voter Registration Form”) which may be electronic or paper-based. 


All persons intending to vote shall register by completing the Voter Registration Form and submit it during the Voter Registration period:

  • through the on-line portal to the Electoral Committee during the Voting Registration Period of 25th October to 27th November  (closes at 11:59 p.m.).

  • during any on-going registration carried out by the relevant Overseas Mission during the registration period.


The Electoral Committee shall register only eligible voters and shall cease registration 4 days prior to the start of the Voting Period.

The Electoral Committee shall produce a list of registered voters (Voters List) prior to the start of the Voting Period.

Only registered voters shall be allowed to vote in the Election for Global Jamaica Diaspora Council members.

The Electoral Committee shall verify that there are no duplications in voter registration.

The link to the electronic ballot on the electronic voting platform shall be sent by “email invitation” to verify registered voters from the voters list.

In order to register to vote online or for information on offline voting (where available) please visit the applicable regional voter registration site using the links in the table below or in the site menu:

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