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The Global Jamaica Diaspora Council will comprise elected and appointed members. The Election Process is for elected members. With the endorsement of the Draft National Diaspora Policy at the 8th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference and its inclusion of focused priority areas for Diaspora Engagement; it is critical to ensure the election process provides a transparent, orderly, fair and systemized way to allow qualified members of the Jamaican Diaspora to offer themselves for service.


This election process will be implemented in the three locations which contain the largest Jamaican Diaspora populations, namely: the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Canada, referred to as the established Diaspora locations. As other Jamaica Diaspora populations in other regions of the world become more organized, this document will serve as instructive resource material on conducting elections.


It is acknowledged and agreed that references to the sitting Council on this site shall, at the inauguration of the Council, be taken to refer to the Diaspora Advisory Board existing immediately prior to the establishment of the Council.

Candidate Eligibility

To be eligible for nomination for election to the Global Jamaica Diaspora Council, a person shall meet the following requirements:

  1. Possess experience, skills, network and influence in any of the 10 thematic areas outlined in the draft National Diaspora Policy;

  2. Be a Jamaican or of Jamaican heritage (1);

  3. Be at least twenty-one (21) years of age;

  4. Be between the ages of eighteen (18) to thirty-five (35) years of age to be elected to the Council in the capacity of a Youth Leader (2)

  5. Has not been declared bankrupt by a court of law or other competent authority in Jamaica or any other jurisdiction;

  6. Has been registered by the established Electoral Committee to be a candidate for elections;

  7. Possess a reasonable level of demonstrated management and leadership skills or experience;

  8. Has no disciplinary proceedings or sanctions pending or imposed by a professional or administrative body;

  9. Has a willingness to commit and has sufficient time to discharge his or her duties to the Council;

  10. Be properly resident in the region in which the candidacy is sought; and 

  11. Acknowledge that any false declaration of eligibility shall render the candidacy or the candidate’s election, null and void.

(1) Jamaican or Jamaica heritage refers to persons by birth, descent or by acquisition that is by naturalization, registration on the basis of marriage, being a commonwealth citizen or registration as a minor or restoration (having renounced their citizenship).

(2) The first cohort of Youth Leaders will be appointed by the Minister and shall be drawn from the Global Jamaica Diaspora Youth Council leadership.  Elections to these seats will take place in 2022.

Finalising the Slate of Candidates

The Electoral Committee shall notify individuals of the approval of their nominations and their consequent standing as candidates for the election.


The Electoral Committee shall publish the final slate of candidates on their respective websites and those of the nearest Jamaican Overseas Missions, and/or through social and traditional media prior to the start of the Voting Period.


A candidate and his or her nominators shall be notified separately by the Electoral Committee of the candidate’s ineligibility in writing citing evidence of ineligibility.

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