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Nathaniel Peat is a Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur. He is the Chair of Jamaicans Inspired which is a national & internationally spread organisation having engaged Jamaicans by decent in philanthropic support over the last 12 years. 

The Financial Times has named him two times; in the UPstanding Leaders Powerlist & again as one of the FT's top 100 Ethnic Leaders in Technology. 


During his time as a GJDC rep: 

  1. He addressed concerns by partnering with food companies during COVID to deliver food to > 500 homes; 

  2. He helped programs to provide oxygen equipment; 

  3. Participated in symposiums with the Jamaica Stock Exchange to increase investment in Jamaica.

  4. Partnered with banking institutions regarding housing; 

  5. Assisted persons in applying for citizenship; 

  6. Advocated in deportation issues, challenged national negative press, 

  7. Supported Jamaica Basic School & Jarrett Foundations to donate funds to schools & health programs, 

  8. He was pivotal in the UK Jamaica Floods Appeal; 

  9. Collaborated with the Mayor of London to address racism in the police force to assist in training new officers; 

  10. Supported athletes, and collaborated with the JOA. 

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Following appointment by the Minister of Foreign Affairs - Thara Johnson-Reid was nominated to serve a second term on the Diaspora Council. In her first term, Thara was selected by the UN High Commission for Human Rights as a leader to act against sexism and racism. With her colleagues, Thara wrote supporting documents of the transformative National Diaspora Policy, since ratified in parliament. 

Thara facilitates philanthropy at the High Commission and led successful efforts to raise $50,000,000 for the island’s healthcare infrastructure. A Biology graduate, Thara is an active member of the Planet working group. With the UN IOM she leads projects to improve Jamaica’s climate resilience. 

This year, following concerns raised by diasporans, Thara was delighted by Jamaica’s accession to the Madrid Protocol, protecting its intellectual property. Thara’s understanding is informed by experience of both countries and conversations with Jamaicans in inner-city, rural and hillside communities.

Thara became engaged after observing hemorrhagic emigration from Trelawny and St.James, she remains committed to a Jamaica that all citizens can return to and enjoy. 

Thara is a communications consultant for leading multinationals. She was educated at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, The University of Leeds and The University of London.

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