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Dr. Winston Whyte

Dr. Winston Whyte is married to Janet Whyte and is father to three grown children, Jaime, Warren, and Janelle.


He is a retired educator, but his career spans areas such as banking, food industry, brewing, research and lastly education.


His many achievements and accomplishments include publication in Analytical Biochemistry, Principal of the year for Miami- Dade County Public Schools, Principal of the year for the State of Florida, recipient of the coveted Governors Sterling Award for Performance Excellence for Howard D. McMillan Middle School and moving two schools from being graded "C" Schools to becoming "A" Schools.


He has served on the Foundation Board for Community Health of South Florida Incorporated (CHI), is the cofounder of the Jamaican Association of Miami- Dade Educators and currently serves as Vice President of the Calabar Alumnae Association of Florida.

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Rose Marie Lewis 

I am Rose Marie Adamson- Lewis, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Board Certified Family, Nurse Practitioner, specializing in psychiatric disorder and mental Health. 

Associate Professor of Pathophysiology, owner and founder of Total Healthcare services & Wellness, and my Nonprofit organization, Rose’s Garden of Hope Foundation. 

A daughter of Jamaica, from humble beginnings, I have worked hard to accomplish my goals and dreams and am very passionate about giving back in a real way to Jamaica and Jamaicans, by creating real opportunities in Healthcare, Education, youth advocacy and by representing Jamaica in the Southeast USA.

For many years I have served our community, doing Medical missions to Jamaica, adopting Robbins Hall Health Center in Manchester, participated in Diaspora Days of Service for the past 17 years, just to name a few projects. I am an active member of the board of Caribbean Anti-Trafficking Committee (CAC), and a Board member of Partners For Youth Foundation. I have been a Youth advocate for years, not only locally here in the USA, but in The UK, Europe, and the Caribbean.

In fact, this year I received, for community service and volunteerism, a Lifetime achievement award from President Joseph R. Biden.
I stand ready to serve.


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Lorraine Smith

Lorraine Smith is a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Certified Mental Health Counselor, Certified Trauma Professional, and Autism Specialist. Born in Kingston, Jamaica. Lorraine grew up in Wynter’s Pen, Spanish Town, and is a graduate of St. Catherine High School. She holds a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and is completing a doctorate in Leadership and Management.  

Recognized for her transformational leadership in social services and mental health for over 27 years. Lorraine supports various churches, schools, communities, individuals, and families in Jamaica and within the diaspora across the United States by providing much needed supports through telehealth counseling, education, training, resources in mental health, strategic program development, mentoring, information and referral, cultural transition, partnerships, and case management. 
Lorraine believes in building rapport with individuals listening to them, getting to know who they are and guiding them to the steps to better places in their lives. Improving the lives of Jamaicans in the United States and Jamaicans at home is a passion.  

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Janice McIntosh

I migrated from Jamaica to Florida, USA in 2009 where I continued my career at JN Bank (started in 2005) as the Chief Representative Officer for 11 years. 

 I have always viewed my role as an ambassador for Jamaica because I could not sell the products or services offered without selling the best of what Jamaica is. 

While here in the USA, I joined many Boards and Associations, a list of which is below: 

  1. President of ICHS Alumni Association 

  2. Director, Jamaica Legacy Foundation 

  3. Trustee member Lauderhill Chamber of Commerce 

  4. Director, Jamaica USA Chamber of Commerce 

  5. FIU Alumni Circle Board 

  6. Servant Leader (Women & Children) Christ the Rock Community Church 

  7. VP. Jamaican Women of Florida 

  8. Community Award from Caribbean Americas Soccer Association (CASA) 

  9. Proclamation made by City of Lauderhill Proclaiming Janice McIntosh Day - March 3rd 


My mission is to engage with the Diaspora and put them FIRST: 

Earn their RESPECT 
I have been married for 21 years to Peter and have 2 teenage girls, Jessica and Jenna who are avid Volleyball players. 


Peter Gracey Photo.jpg

Peter Gracey

Peter Gracey, a Community Advocate, has dedicated his life to helping his fellow man. He’s an outstanding community leader and grassroots organizer. 

He has won both institutional and widespread respect for his dedication to uplifting the ordinary families and communities. In 2019, Peter was awarded the People Profile Executive Leadership Award from the Jamaican Consul General in Miami. 

Born in Waterhouse, in the district of Cockburn Pen, Kingston, Jamaica, and a product of Jamaica College, Peter is the Founder of the “This is Jamaica” Organization, a Florida non-profit with its mission to empower the children of Jamaica to restore and preserve the Jamaican culture through poetry and the creative arts. 

Mr. Gracey also founded The Gracey Academy for Critical Thinking, VP of the People Profile organization, (recognizing ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the community), a founding member of The Jamaican Men of Florida and The Jamaica Diaspora Southern USA. 


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